Game 53- 9/29/12 – Sox vs. Rays (My Final Game of 2012)

I took a video while I walked to the park this day, which I will post at a later date.  I plan on making a video with all the pictures and tickets set to some music.  I hope to have some time soon to do it, but be patient.  It’s gonna be a long off season so I think I will be done before 2013.  Ha.

On my walk in I met up with Soxman (@thesoxman72) and Bat Boy who were both great guys.  What I found very funny was that Soxman talked to Bat Bay using only the Bat Boy name. It was just by chance that we ran into each other, but it was a great end. We talked about the organization and attendance, would love to get a beer with this guy in the off season.  Was nice to meet ya!

After the loss the day before, it was a rough walk to the park, but I was still excited when the music started at the Cell. The game was what the season had become in the last few weeks.  No offense to back up decent pitching from a rookie.  The crowd was rough on the team that many had cheered on only weeks previous, especially when the playoff tickets sold out.  I don’t wanna call some fans out as being fair weather, but many there were.  It was tough one to watch, but after it was over, I didn’t want to leave.

I walked around the park and went down to the dugout to talk with other Sox fans.  Took some pictures and just soaked it up.  Thanks White Sox for an unexpected season that make this quest for me one that I will remember all my life.  Something that I hope my kids (god-forbid) see and admire.  It was a fun time and I met a bunch of great people along the way.

Next year I won’t be at as many games, but I will go to as many as I can. My father and I are gonna try to go to all the AL Central stadiums to see the Sox play.  Hope we can do it with a work schedule that I hope to have by next summer.  And regarding that, if you ever need printing or graphic design work done, please check out my website at

Thanks for following my blog! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Game 53- $367 ($1, box office. Thanks Smart Circle!)


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