Game 52- 9/28/12 – Sox vs. Rays


Well, this was the end.  The Sox lost this one and the season was pretty much over.  Not because of the game lead or anything, but rather the Sox just looked beat out there.  Sale had an awful game and the pitching was just dismal.  They gave up 10 runs on 13 hits.  If O-Dog hadn’t hit the grand slam in the 8th, we would have been shutout.

The fans really turned on this team, which I expected, but it was still sad to see.  It soured a great season for Sale which also was sad.  Just wish we could have has the offense in this final home stand, but that’s baseball folks.  And that is the exact reason I love and hate this sport all the same.

Game 52- $366 ($1, box office. Thanks Smart Circle!)


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