Game 49- 9/26/12 – Sox vs. Tribe (In Honor of My Friends)

Most of my friends have been my friends since grade school. Despite miles between all of us, we have made an effort to keep in touch and get together as much as possible.  It just so happened that my buddy Anthony was in town this week and I had an extra voucher for a ticket. So I took in my first professional baseball game with my good friend.  He’s always been my other White Sox friend, so it was cool he was there for my 49th.

In high school, Anthony, Matt and I hung out alot.  We started a band, we watched tons of movies, listened to tons of music.  I couldn’t imagine my high school years without either of them. Both great guys and no matter how much time has passed we still pick right up from the last visit. Thanks guys.

This was a rough one too.  The Sox moved into second place with the loss. hard one to take.  There wasn’t a lot of people at this game either so we moved down to the same seats as the day before behind the dugout.  The closest my buddy has ever been.  It got ugly with the fans, lotta booing.  That is one thing I will never get, boo the other team, the ump, but not your own squad.  Years ago, Chester Frazier was a point guard for the Fighting Illini basketball team.  For the first part of the year Chet was booed every game.  But by the end of the year, he was running the offense of a great basketball team with awesome perfection.  Towards the end of the regular season, Chet hurt his ankle and the Illini struggled the rest of the way and lost the 1st game in the tournament.  I felt that this was karma from the booing earlier in the season.  Who knows, but  you should always support your players.

So down one, with my big game coming up.  I was hoping that we could take out the Rays.  We’ll see!

Game 49- $363 ($0, gift from my cousin and godson)


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