Game 47- 9/24/12 – Sox vs. Tribe (In Memory of my Grandpa Darkow)

My 47th game is in loving memory of my step-grandfather Harold Darkow.  If you have read my earlier post, my fraternal grandfather passed when I was 2.  If you haven’t read it, here’s the link-

How my step-grandfather came into my life is a great story, two people (both who had lost their spouses) fell in love and married for companionship. When I was a kid, Grandpa Darkow wasn’t the easiest person for me to be around. It wasn’t till years later I learned why, he made me work and didn’t kiss my ass like my grandma did. He was very disciplined but yet hard work was rewarded and I always had a bunch of fun with him too.  Later in life me and my grandpa (which I bet most of my cousins will say too) bonded over drinks and dinner. My grandmother fell and was confined to a wheelchair and my grandpa took care of her for the remainder of her life, which was quite the feat.

On a side note, the first time I saw my grandmother after she fell, I was in tears and my grandmother in her wheelchair says “Oh look at you Jacob, when did you get so fat?”  Just a little way to show me that she was ok and we could still joke around like before.  That same weekend we were having dinner at my cousins house and my grandma yelled out when deserts were served “I bet Jacob wants more pie!”.  Miss and love ya grandma.

I would call my grandma and grandpa as much as I could and many times I did it during my commute from work.  Great coming of age conversations.  My grandma telling me I should make commercials like the Aflac duck cause it was funny. Listening to them talk about what they ate the day or night before.  Fun times.  After my grandma passed the calls didn’t stop.  I was stuck in traffic one Thanksgiving weekend (I was driving from Cali to AZ) and em and my grandpa talked for 2 hours.  He was always just a phone call away, and most Fridays I would call him just to talk about what was going on in our lives.  I can not imagine who I would be without him.  He was a huge influence in my life and taught me many things.  He stepped up for my grandma and my family.  Just a great person who is missed dearly by my whole family, especially me.

Ironically, my grandfather was from Ohio, and he was a huge Tribe fan. He would have been calling me before this series talking crap, like he did with the Bulls and Cavs epic series years before.  But this night the Sox got the better of the Tribe.  I sat in the uppers and ended up meeting with Deb and Dave in the 3rd inning.  We watched Dunn hit his two homers (oddly his final ones of the year) and the season outlook was coming back around.  They had a rough road trip, losing 5 of 6 so this win was a big one.


This was also the game I noticed the crowd.  It was half price night, Sale was on the bump, and there was maybe 15k fans there.  I tweeted about it-

Half price night, Sale is pitching, fucking no one here. Kinda ashamed of local Sox fans right now. Be lucky to get 16k tonight.

It’s been a huge debate in the media here about the attendance and this game sealed it for me.  What more can the Sox do? 1st place, Sale, tight race to win the AL Central.  It was sad to see.  I don’t blame the fan or the team for 100% of the problem.  The one thing I would change, but I know it won’t, is the parking.  $20 to $25 for parking keeps some people away.  If there 4 people going, $20 isn’t bad to split.  But for two of you, that is crazy.  Maybe drop the price during the week to $15 or less, or even offer a free parking pass if you buy tickets through the internet. I couldn’t have done this quest if I had to pay for parking every game.

Game 47- $363 ($7, box office)


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