Game 45- 9/12/12 – Sox vs. Detroit (In Memory of My Grandpa Swartley)

Growing up, I would hear all sorts of stories about my Grandfather.  Some from my dad, mom, grandma and many from my mom’s side of the family.  All of the stories were about how much of a great man my grandpa was.  I never got to know him, he passed away when I was 2.  From what my dad tells me, he would have enjoyed who I turned out to be.  I like to think so.  My father is an amazing person, and according to him, my grandfather was even more amazing. I have one memory of my grandpa, and that is climbing into a station wagon, sitting on the armrest in the front seat, going to get doughnuts.  But his influence is with me always. I think mostly his passing taught me to take advantage of all the different things that come your way. Live your life and make some serious memories.  I hope he’s proud.

Well, the Sox lost.  It wasn’t a good game, and the fight just seemed to go out of this team during this game.  All year, that is what was very likable about this team, they FIGHT. Until the 8th, this team didn’t fight.  A 4 run 8th and 1 run 9th just had us fall short, but I really wish we had the best players in the game.

It seems the last two games that Ventura has over coached.  Orlando Hudson is all of a sudden out there and we haven’t seen him in ages.  Pulling Beckham was also a questionable move.  I think the lineup needs to be who is in there daily.  Lotta pitchers used.  I had some decent seats at this game though and I met a guy who had heard of my blog! It was pretty sweet.  I didn’t get yelled at, so that was a plus too!  Just hope we finish strong!

Game 45- $349 ($0, gift from my cousin and godson)


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