Game 44- 9/11/12 – Sox vs. Detroit (In Honor of My Godson Kellen Selmi)

On January 24th, 2012 my cousin and his wife went to the hospital.  Melanie gave birth to their second son Kellen. He came a little early at 35 weeks, but he was a fighter.  Soon after he was born he was struggling with his breathing, his little lungs were not developed and were sticking together.  He was driven to a Rockford hospital because they had the NICU that he had to spend some time in.  My cousin was going to go with him, but his wife had to stay back as she healed up from childbirth.

I was just subbing for local schools, so my schedule is pretty wide open, so I packed a bag and went with my cousin to the hospital just for support.  We drove up late, checked in, and crashed in a little room in the hospital.  I spent two days with my cousin and godson and it was a very stressful and hard time for everyone.  But Kellen continued to improve day after day.


I am honored to be his godfather (as I am with my other god kids too! Andrew and Beau!) and to have been in a position that I could support my cousin when he needed it. Kellen came home on February 7th as healthy as ever.  Big cheeks and little fists.  Love ya buddy.

September 11th.  I was all in decked out in my red, white and blue for this game.  My GF and I both went to this game and we had some decent seats in the uppers.  We walked up to the seats and while I was getting situated they announced the moment of silence for the victims of that great tragedy. I was putting my phone away when I heard “HAT’S OFF NATIONAL ANTHEM!”  I look over to my left and say to the girl, “Hey, give me a second. Jeesh” As does my GF.  My hat was off in 2 seconds after she said that and I would like to point out that the anthem didn’t start for another minute after my hat was off.

I have a problem with what happened because she really jumped the gun on the timing and she has no idea who I am or what I believe.  I am always up outta my seat for the Hero of The Game, unlike many people at the game. Both my grandfathers served in the military and I have mucho respect for our troops. So that really irked me.  We ended up moving to better seats later in the game, not because of her, but rather the constant stream of people going up and down the stairs. Being right by an entrance in the uppers in the first few rows is not fun. Trust me.

The game wasn’t much better.  Peavy tried, but we just couldn’t keep the 2 run lead we got early.  And it is pretty sad that our offense came from Dewayne Wise and Gordon Beckham. We left a ton of guys on base. Just didn’t get the execution from the guys who need to get hits.  It was and is very frustrating to watch.

So the Sox lost a tough one and it seemed that Detroit was gaining some speed on us. Just wanna finish strong.  Go Sox!

Game 44- $349 ($0, gift from my cousin and godson)


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