Game 42- 9/8/12 – Sox vs. Royals (In Honor of Katie Lawless)

For my forty second game, I picked a little girl I have never met, but inspires me and others with how she is dealing with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Her name is Katie Lawless and she is a tough kid. A hero even.

I went to high school in a small town and because of that most of the kids I went to school with (unless you were a total jerk) I am still friends with on Facebook. One of those friends is Megan (Katie’s mother).  3 years ago she started posting about her daughter Katie and her struggle with cancer.  I don’t remember specifics, but I do remember how happy they were when she was cancer free.  I also remember how sad it was when they found out that the cancer was back.

I sent Megan a message asking her if it was ok that I honored Katie with a game and it was warmly received. She talked to Katie and she wanted the group Badger Childhood Cancer Network ( to get some publicity.  I will let Megan explain what it meant to them as a family-

Katie would like any donations to go to a group called “Badger Childhood Cancer Network.” It is a group in Madison, WI, that we liked a lot. They sponsored all kinds of special events for kids with cancer and their families. They work closely with the UW Athletic Department to get the kids opportunities to go to UW games and meet athletes. They put on several big events per year for kids and their families. They also have a monthly support group for childhood cancer families. The support group is held at a local arcade/mini-golf place, and volunteers watch the kids so that the adults can chat. There are some groups in St. Louis that are nice, too, but BCCN was really special.

In addition to that, the group works hard to make sure that families have the resources-financial or community- to make it through the cancer treatments. I could go on and on. Cancer just sucks, obviously, and it affects every single aspect of your family life. Physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, work, relationships…you name it. This group gave our kids something to look forward to every month, and gave Mike and I an opportunity to be around other parents who were going through very similar situations. It helped so much.

So if you feel moved to donate, please do, but at the very least visit their website and vote for them too. They are also up for the Chase grants. You can vote for both, so please do it! Megan posted a pic recently that is just a strong image. Due to the chemo, her hair was falling out. So she was tired of it getting in her food and it is rather itchy as it falls out.  So this is what she wanted-

That, my friends, is a tough and beautiful girl. Thank you Katie for inspiring me and others.

Saturday day games at 3pm have to be my fave.  Not an early 1pm game or a late 6pm game, but a great time to start. I walked up to my special seat, and of course it was taken.  So I sat a few rows above it.  Basically I had a row to myself, so I enjoyed that very much. Got some of the last sun I will get this summer and enjoyed a great back and forth game with the Royals of KC.

I really, really, really enjoy watching Chris Sale pitch.  Most of you know that I like pitching over offense, so he is just a joy to watch.  He pitched a great game and we beat Bruce “Cy” Chen. Good stuff.  Fun game.

During the game there is a contest that they take a kid up to the fundamentals deck and they get 3 chances to hit a homer off the tee. The kid that won it this day ended up sitting next to me with his dad and sister.  When I was a kid, especially in public, I walked a thin line.  Well, this kid didn’t.  Holy cow.  If that would have been my child, I don’t know what I would have done. I felt bad for the dad, but I also thought the kid was acting a fool. I was not sad to see them leave, the kid decided to go after the dad PROMISED him ice cream.  Wow, the times have changed.

Nice day at the park, great weather and great fans.  Nice to see a W against KC.

Game 42- $342 ($9, box office)


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