Game 41- 9/7/12 – Sox vs. Royals (In Honor of Gracie West)

The final 10 games of my 50 game quest are going to be dedicated to special people in my life.  I am in the process of contacting media now about what I have done, so I am hoping that with a little attention I can bring some publicity to some special causes.  First up is my very good friends’ daughter Grace Sophia West.

Grace has Angleman Syndrome. You can read more about it here – She is a very beautiful girl who is just a happy kid.  She has made alot of progress in the past few years, but they are always looking for help. So if you would like to help out other kids like Grace, please visit –

On that page there is a link to help the foundation get a portion of a $5 million grant from Chase. Every vote counts so please do it!  Love you Grace!

For my 41st game, my girlfriend and I bought good seats behind the bullpen.  It was Half-Way To St. Pat’s day which means the Sox wear green uni’s and the crowd (20,000 of us 21 and older) get green hats.  It was a sea of green out in the bleachers-

We walked over early and got our hats, then walked over to our buddy Pat’s house to have a few beers. Let me tell ya, Lemon Berry Shandy, bam. That is some good stuff. I had more than a few that night, it was awesome. Many thanks to Redline Tees ( for my awesome Sox shirt in GREEN.

When we walked back over we scanned back in and walked over to our seats and ran into this guy-

George from Windy City Limo! If you watch Sox games at home, you always see him behind the plate.  I had made it a mission to meet him.  He is a really nice guy and was just as interested in taking a pic with my GF as he was with me.  Thanks George!

After getting our dinner and some drinks, we finally made it to our seats.  Which were right by the bullpen, so we settled in to watch a good game. We waved at Addison Reed and guess what? He waved back. Once again, I am betting that my GF had a big role in that too. So thanks A. Reed!

The game was a hard fought battle by both teams.  The Royals have our number this year, that is for sure, and this game was no exception.  It was back and forth the whole game till the 9th when KC opened it up.  We need Youk and Dunn out there,no question.  The bats are not replaced by Ray and Jose.  Sox lose but it was a great night at the park. If only they would make the hats a little bigger. Go Sox!

Game 41- $333($18, box office)


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