Game 37- 8/26/12 – Sox vs. Seattle (Yet Another Sweep)


Two summers ago, I went to a Sox vs Braves game that was rain delayed for a couple of hours.  Being that we lived 2+ hours away, there was no sense in leaving, so we waited out the storm and the game started about 9:11 pm. Good game, with great company and good seats. Yesterday I was pretty amped to only be a walk away from the park.  I waited out the first delay and decided to walk down about 2:30.  Never have I walked to the uppers by myself, but I did yesterday.  I might have been able to sit down below, but I decided to just go up to my fave seat in the uppers.  I was ready for it-


Clouds looked pretty nasty and I was just hoping that we got this one in before it got too wet.


Gavin was pitching and he had another awful outing.  After he was pulled, I was concerned that he was hurt, and apparently he is.  Rough year for Gavin.  Almost as rough as Comcast’s rain delay programing.  Maybe it was just the ones I saw, but the Batter’s Box is just a bunch of really hard questions with people that really aren’t sure if they should be there.  Luke Stuckmeyer tries to make some jokes, but lord, he is really dry.  Loosen up man! Have some fun, and lay off the Hawk quotes.

The game is what you would have expected for a rain game.  Sloppy. I was just hoping that the Sox could take a lead so when they called it, we’d get the W.  Well, thank you Mr. Tyler Flowers! Two games in a row and he comes up with the BIG hit.  Impressive.  I wish he could do that more often, cause A.J.’s days are numbered as an everyday catcher.

A great game and I didn’t get too wet.  I left when they pulled the tarp on the field, no way I was sticking around to see what happened.  I figured they were gonna call it anyways, so it was nice to get home and warm up a little.

Game 37- $280 ($10, box office)


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