Game 36- 8/24/12 – Sox vs. Seattle

Dynamic Deals. Another (of many) deal that I took advantage of.  Well, I decided that I should go sit in the seat since it was 3rd row. I was up against the cement wall and my section was full.  My buddy Pat texted me that they had an extra downstairs (pretty much below me) so I went down there in the 3rd inning. These guys do it right.  A lot of drinking and a bunch of celebrating.  I enjoy hanging with them and always appreciate a beer sent my way.  Which, I always turn down but they buy me one anyways. The bastards.  Ha. So thanks to Pat, Chris, Chad and Jon.  Always a fun time.

Of course I had to work, so I left early, and if you watched the game you know what happened.  Sox were up big, 7-2, and our bullpen went to shit. I got to work and watched the end of the game including one of the nastiest collisions I have ever seen.  Wish I had stayed for the game, but I gotta make a buck.  Sox get the win and it wasn’t too hot at the ballpark.

Fun team that never gives up.  Love watching them play.

Game 36- $270 ($10, box office)


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