Game 35- 8/22/12 – Sox vs. Yanks

I decided not to go to the second game of the Yankees series because on Monday I didn’t see too many people scalping tickets.  I had ticket codes for all these games (big thanks and a huge resource when I first started this- Gene’s Ticket Code Thread on Yelp! ) I have met Gene and he gave me a ton of info that has helped me on my quest.  Gene is a great guy and always looking to help other Sox fans see a game with a little bit of a discount! He also posts on which is a great place for Sox fans.  I also go to WSI which is another great resource for Sox fans, and both these websites have doubled my blog traffic.  Thanks to all the posters on these boards that support my blog!

I did go to the game on Wednesday and decided that if I could find a cheap ticket I would go but not spend over $15.  I was doing my walk and not really putting much effort into it, when a family came up to me and said they had an extra.  It was upper deck so I asked them what they were looking for and the guy said “$10”.  My initial reaction was “Are you sure?” which he said yes.  So I gave him the money and walked with them.  Normally I give them my blog card, which I did, in hopes they will read about the game they helped me attend. So if you guys are reading, thanks again! They told me that they had friends that were stuck on the 55 so they had 4 extra.  I hope they helped some other people get into the game.

I sat in a seat that I had sat in many times before-

I like the seat because there is no one in front of you.  No vendors walk by you. And for $10, can you do much better?  I sat down and watched Chris “CY” Sale put on a clinic. 13 k’s. Amazing.  This guy is my hero. He’s the man, I hope he wins the Cy Young Award, but we have other things to focus on.

Addison came in a saved the game and the sweep was secured.  Lotta energy in the park.  In the bottom of the 8th, a bunch of people rolled out before the 9th.  I don’t get it.  You aren’t getting out that much ahead of the traffic and you aren’t seeing the end of the game.  Just weird to me.

Great series sweep and wins for the Sox.  They don’t give up.  I really like this team.

Game 35- $260 ($10 scalp)

Extra- It was Bulls night and SCOTTIE PIPPEN tossed the first pitch.


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