Game 34- 8/20/12 – Sox vs. Yanks (Happy Birthday To Me)

I turned 35.  Yup. 35. Oddly, 5 years ago, to the day, I was at the Cell celebrating my entry into the new decade with my father, uncle and cousin.  My cousin got us unreal seats and we saw Bobby Jenks almost break the consecutive outs record.  He didn’t but the stadium was electric.  We took a great picture after the game that hangs in my office as it does in all others that attended.  It was a great night, no doubt.

Fast forward 5 years and I was pretty much in the same section, same seat location but my company was a little better looking-

My birthday being on a Monday kinda hurt the reunion that we were trying for, but work comes first when you do seasonal work!  My uncle and cousin both run a farm in Rock Falls, IL (

My lovely GF bought us tickets for the game off Stub Hub, which is awesome for two reasons.  She knows how to use Stub Hub and also understands a good deal.  I was proud of her, still am.  I would have been just as happy in the Uppers, but this treat was awesome.

The game was even more awesome.  Drank a few Shandys and had a great italian beef.  I even spilled her Shandy on myself.  Foul ball came our way and I managed to hit her drink that then lofted from my left side to my right.  I would like to see a video of that. Gavin had a rough night, but the bullpen stepped up and pitched a great game.  The Sox offense when on, is second to none.  And just for the record Alexi should have kids more often.  Since the birth of his new kid he has hit the cover off the ball.

The ball just flew out of the park that night so plenty of fireworks added to my 35th celebration.  Thanks again to my GF for a great night out!

Game 34- $250 (Ticket was a gift.)


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