Game 33- 8/12/12 – Sox vs. A’s

Final game of a long week of baseball! I was hoping for a W.  I walked down a little late, might be a sign that I needed more sleep (was up till 3:30am at the bar, working).  It was pretty slim pickings, really slim.  Speaking of slim, I saw the guy who sold me the ticket and he was walking in with a different guy.  I felt kinda sad for that dude. Hope there was a free seat that day!

I walked up and down the gates and couldn’t find anything.  A couple came up to me (this happens alot, people think I am selling not buying) but I couldn’t help them.  I keep at it and a guy with his son walk by on their bikes.  He has two extras and starts in with the whole “Well, I paid….” I offered him $15.  He balked, I told him good luck.  I let him know there was a couple down the way looking for tickets.  Then the couple cam back by my and I sent them down there,told them to offer $20 a ticket.  I saw them later doing the buy and told the bike guy he owed me.  Good karma I thought.

I was still looking and this couple came up to me and said their buddy had an extra. The buddy came around and he had just gotten rid of the extra. I have a coupon that will get me 2 $1 tickets at most games, so that is my fall back incase I can’t score something.  So I was looking for one other guy to use it with, but not a lot of singles that day.

Then, a crew of people came up to me and said “That guy back there has your ticket”.  So I asked the guy if he had an extra, and he did.  So I offered the money up to him and he said no.  He was gonna give me a single away from their seats, but then asked “Do you wanna sit with us?”, so I said sure.  We made some small talk on our way in, and then the way up (and I mean up) to our seats.  Only 18 rows up, but man, that is a journey. That said, you couldn’t get the smile off my face for two reasons. 1- Free ticket and 2- Other Sox fans to watch the game with.

We had a great time talking about the neighborhood and the game.  The guy sitting directly next to me I found out was a Cubs fan, which if you are keeping score at home, was the second Cubs fan to give me a free ticket. He was still cool and full of stories.  Works for the city, hell of a guy.  Good friend of his too and his son.  Was just a good time all around.  Had to turn down their offer of beers, which is always nice to do. Really nice day and a good game at the Cell. A.J. scored from 1st without the ball leaving the infield.  Great game.  Thanks again guys!

Game 33- $250 (Free Ticket, Thanks Cubs Fan Joe and the boys!)


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