Game 32- 8/11/12 – Sox vs. A’s

It was a busy day.  Wow. We went to for lunch and to meet up with some friends. Fun fest up there on Taylor.  After that a guy from the neighborhood was having a pool party so we ran over there to soak up some sun and have a few beers.  Great times over there sharing some stories over a few Shandys.

I came home about 5 and made a quick dinner and walked down to the park.  I was running a little late but nothing too bad. I found a ticket that was in the same section as the night before.  I asked the guy how much he wanted and he said “Well, I paid….”.  Here’s the deal, if it isn’t right before the game is gonna start, you as the seller have a little bit of power.  But when there is 5 minutes before 1st pitch the power switches to the buyer. Just sayin’. I made him an offer for $15, he wanted $25 so we settled on $20.  It was a good seat, but I should have paid less. I should have stuck to $15, but sometimes I am too nice.

Now, I am a big guy. I bought a ticket from a bigger guy. I didn’t think about it, but yeah, I was squished between him and a lady.  So for 2.5 innings I sat between these two and then decided that I would roll the dice and take one of the 3 empty seats two rows in front of us. It worked and I stayed down there till the stretch and walked over to another section to hang out with some friends.  Sox lost, but they put up a good effort.  This team doesn’t quit. I left early cause I had to bounce that night at the bar, which leads me to my next story.

I have broken up my fair share of bar fights.  So on Saturday when the bartender called me over it seemed pretty par for the course.  Guy was drunk hitting on the other drunk guy’s girlfriend. They had words and the brother got involved defending his insecure bro. The bartender told me the drunk guy had to go so while I am taking care of that (closing tabs, getting his stuff together) the boyfriend swings around me as the guy is being escorted out.  He connected with not only the guy, but also with me. That pisses me off.  I get the guy out and the rule is one out the front the other out the back when it comes to fights.  So I get the guy out the front then go to the back to help the bartender get the other guy out.  He is all pissed cause he is getting kicked out but the guy threw a punch, so that’s that. While I am getting him out, he says “You can’t kick me out, my car is in the front and that guy might jump me!”. Well, might have been something that you should have thought about BEFORE you sucker punched a dude.  I think that is the problem with some people, they refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Another fun night at the Cell, not so fun at work, but it was painless.

Game 32- $250 ($20 Ticket, scalp.)


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