Game 31- 8/10/12 – Sox vs. A’s


I grew up in a small town. Out on 88 closer to Iowa than Chicago.  My hometown has a population of about 15,000 people and I would say that 90% of who I hung around with back in the day I still see on a yearly basis. We never said in 1st grade “friends for life” but most of us have been.  One of my good friends with his lovely wife came into the city for this game. I had bought a ticket through Dynamic Pricing so I was hoping that they could sneak me down, but then my GF decided that she wanted to go so we needed an extra. Which was great cause she doesn’t come with very much.

Normally, I walk down to the park about 40 mins before the game.  Gives me time to find something and get in before 1st pitch.  I rarely miss first pitch, but I have when the pickings have been slim. My GF got to watch me in action (which I assure you is nothing special).  It took some time, but we found a couple who was selling some great seats in 114.  Offered them to us for $40, but we said we only needed one.  Then the offer was $30 for both so my GF pulled the trigger and bought them for us.

We walked down to our seats and we had just scalped tickets which sat us right next to a couple that we both knew.  It was crazy.  I am not an odds maker, but those are some crazy odds.  The GF was happy to have someone to chat up during the game.  My friends from home came down to join us, so we had a big party down there.  Fun times.

The game was a good one too.  Coming off a rough series vs. the Royals, this was a must win series for us.  Lotta solo home runs and in the bottom of 9th with two outs we had Jordan Danks up.  Needless to say, I was not enthused to see him up there.  Since that game in LA I have had mixed emotions towards Jordan.  I leaned over to my buddy and said “Well, you are gonna see an extra inning game unless Jordan shocks everyone and hits one out.” And then-


He did it!


Watching the pitcher walk off and then the right fielder just start running in we knew it was smoked.  Nice way to get your first MLB HR.  So congrats to Jordan, that was awesome!

Of course he got his welcome at home and Alexi served up a pie-


So a great game with friends and the W! Cool evening at the Cell, it was awesome for an August night!

Game 31- $230 ($10 Ticket, Box Office.)


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