Game 29- 8/7/12 – Sox vs. Royals

I don’t really want to write these next two blogs.  It just goes to show you how quickly things can turn from good to bad very quickly.  I am a huge Fighting Illini Basketball fan, and watching them this past season was horrible.  Watching the fan base was even worse.  Watching the Sox fans turn on this team in the past two games is nothing new.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can spot a real fan from a fair weather guy.  Fair weather guys are rocking a Dunn jersey shirt, cuss around the kids and basically have about 0 idea about how this game works. But they sure think they do!

Yes, I was upset that the Sox dropped 2 to the Royals.  Did I jump off the bridge and start going nuts?  Hell no. This team without Pauly and Rios or even De Aza and Youk not playing is NOT a 1st place team.  What has been working for us is that we are usually good for 4 to 5 runs a game.  Pitching has been stellar but we need that run support.  Sale got that on Monday, Jake didn’t on Tuesday.  And last night they just seemed uninspired.  Well, you enjoy the good and take the bad when you are a real fan.

Tuesday I walked down 35th and found some guys with extras.  Of course they balked at my $10 offer for their upper deck ticket.  Which, seriously, is a good offer.  So, as I have told ya, just stick to your guns and walk if they balk.  I walked.  And then they chased me down and gave it to me for $10.  It wasn’t that bad of a seat so I sat there-

Now, my girlfriend and I were up for the Comcast commercial that they shot at this game. Needless to say we didn’t get it. Which was a bummer, but expected.  I am sure my frame doesn’t look too great on the big screen.  It was depressing to watch people down there, just knowing that if we had been selected my entire quest would have been paid for by the shooting fee for me.  It is what it is.

Before the game my cousin’s husband texted me that he was coming in for the game and they might have an extra.  I told him I was gonna regardless so we’d meet up if we could. Well, he ended up in the scout seats and there is never an extra for those! Ha.  Good for him, he’s got 4 kids, he deserves it! I heard later they were selling scout seats for $100 that night, which is a hell of a deal.

Also in attendance was my other cousin’s wife’s sister.  Ha. She was with her BF and his bro.  So they were in the bleachers, I went down to meet them  in the 7th. I “snuck” in.  I understand the reasoning behind not allowing 500 level down to 100 level.  But about the 7th inning when people are leaving, let us down to have a walk in the concourse.  Especially fans who have never seen that.  Last night 3 guys from Canada tried to get down there and security kicked them out.  Kinda bogus.  First game and they can’t even see the concourse.  Whatever, I don’t know the answer, but special situations should allow for it.

I watched the remainder of the game in the bleachers and chatted with the group.  It was nice, but hot.  So muggy that night, even the skinny people were sweating. Sox lost and I went home.

Game 29- $210 ($10 Ticket, 35th.)

PS- I blogged about Redline Tees ( before. I know at least one guy bought a shirt based on that blog, so I hope they got some extra business.  Well, they contacted me and liked my blog and decided that would like to help the cause by clothing me! Awesome.

Well they sent me 4 shirts! For free!

And here is me on my 29th game rocking the black Sox Flag City Tee –

Lotta looks and comments about the shirt, which it clearly deserves.  It is a winner. So go give their page a look and if you buy something let them know you heard about it from my blog.  They make nice shirts and the quality is really good.  The Sox tees are a light retro style cotton tee which is very FMF (Fat Man Friendly) especially on a hot night at the park.  Thanks again guys!


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