Game 28- 8/6/12 – Sox vs. Royals

Another Value Monday is in the books.  I made the mistake of buying a ticket (even though I had softball playoffs) a week ago, but by the grace of the baseball gods our game wasn’t till 9:15.  So I walked over about 6:30.  I was almost to the game when my buddy Ryan gave me a call and asked where my tickets were for the night.  I had the $7 upper decker so he told me he had some extra ones for downstairs.  So I gladly took him up on the offer to sit downstairs.  Tickets were everywhere, so Ryan trying to sell his 3 extra was a task.  None of the other scalpers that I know were there, but the amount of tickets was staggering.  I am hoping for the same tonight!

Ryan ended up selling two and he headed up to Gold Coast, I walked down to my seat, which was in the 7th row. Behind 3rd. It was awesome. I gave my upper away to some guys, hope they used it!

Welcome back Chris Sale! It was great to see his lanky frame on the mound again hurling that fastball. He was looking good and seemed to be back in the game.  I missed that big mofo.  I ended up leaving after the 5th so I could get to McGuane Park with plenty of time to warm up.

I have played 12″ softball for years.  We played year round in California which was very fun, and I played with a group of guys who I had known and drank with for years.  I played last summer in Sterling with some new friends, which was a great time too.  So obviously I wanted to play when I came into the city and the new challenge was 16″.  It is a vastly different game, let me tell ya.  My new buddy Mick let me play with a group of his friends and that was really cool.  Most years, I never missed a game, this year I took a few games off and I am sure my body was very thankful for that. I had alot of fun learning the new game but really enjoyed meeting more guys from our neighborhood.  Lotta history lessons and funny stories after the game at the bar.  Good times.

Game 28- $200 ($7 Ticket, Box Office.)


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